white puffy dogTherapeutic Treatment for Arthritis in Pets in Richmond Heights

We have been providing outstanding pet wellness and therapeutic care at The Richman Animal Clinic since we opened our doors in 1984. Our goal is always to see our pets live long, happy and healthy lives. As pet healthcare improves, however, we begin to see more symptoms of aging that are similar to what we experience as humans. One of these conditions is arthritis. This degenerative disease can affect the bones and soft tissues in your pet’s joints, making it difficult or painful for he/she to perform normal activities.

Arthritis in pets occurs when the cartilage that protects the ends of the bones in the joints wears away, allowing the bones to rub against each other when your pet moves. The cartilage may wear away due to normal aging, injury, excess weight or activities which involve turning and twisting motions. Certain breeds are also predisposed to osteoarthritis due to their body shape, activity level and inherited traits.

The initial onset of this disease may be difficult to detect in your pet, but as it progresses you may notice a reluctance to walk, run, play or participate in other activities. Your pet may limp or have difficulty climbing stairs. Other signs include constant licking of an affected joint, sensitivity to touch and a change in behavior. Fortunately, there are some steps we can take at The Richman Animal Clinic to help manage this condition for your pet.

We Create an Individualized Pain Management Plan for Your Pet

Our veterinarian Dr. Richman recommends a regular schedule of wellness exams for your pet so we can monitor any changes as he/she ages and look for signs of arthritis. If we suspect that your pet is suffering from arthritis or osteoarthritis, we will work with you to develop a pain management program to help ensure a good quality of life. Dr. Richman will design an individualized plan for your pet to improve both physical and mental health. He and his veterinary team may make certain recommendations to improve quality of life, including weight reduction, controlled exercise, pain control, joint supplements, and therapeutic laser therapy. If your pet is overweight, we may recommend a weight loss program to help reduce stress on the affected joints.

Our animal hospital will work with you to develop a diet and exercise plan to help in this process. We may also suggest strenuous exercises be stopped and that your pet engages in more low-impact activities to minimize further damage.

If your pet is in obvious pain, joint supplements may help in easing the pain for your pet. NSAIDS (nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory agents) are also beneficial for pain management and to reduce inflammation. Adequan injections are designed to improve cartilage health and slow the degenerative process.

Lastly, laser therapy may be a good option for your pet. Because we believe your pet’s comfort is so important, we became the first animal hospital in Northeastern Ohio to offer the Class IV Therapeutic Laser. This gentle and soothing treatment can decrease pain, reduce swelling and accelerate healing. To discuss options for managing arthritis, make an appointment with Dr. Richman at our clinic so we can examine your pet, confirm a diagnosis and start a treatment and pain relief plan.


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