Quick Reference Cat Care Information from Our Animal Clinic

We at the Richman Animal Clinic and veterinary hospital want to provide cat owners with basic care guidelines for their feline companions. Our vet staff is ready to answer any questions about cat care and help cat owners with planning out health care and pet vaccination treatment plans. Willoughby Hills, Euclid, Gates Mills, Lyndhurst, Richmond Heights, and Hillcrest area cat owners are welcome to call or email our animal clinic with any questions or concerns. In addition to answering any questions, this cat care information page can act as a quick reference guide to help owners prepare for visits to our Euclid animal hospital.

Our animal hospital’s basic cat care tips are designed for all cat owners in Willoughby Hills, Richmond Heights, the nearby Hillcrest neighborhoods, Euclid, and Lake County who want to ensure they are taking proper care of their feline friends. These tips should help cat owners with planning out their visits to our vet facility and providing the best possible care for their pets.


One of the first steps to taking care of a new cat is to schedule all of the proper pet vaccinations with our animal clinic. After about nine weeks, a kitten’s natural immunity starts to decrease. At this point, Willoughby Hills and Richmond Heights cat owners should begin initial vaccinations and schedule booster shots at our animal clinic. From here on, our vet staff will help owners with planning regular pet vaccinations. Cat owners should speak to our animal hospital staff or veterinarians, to find out which of these shots are recommended for their pet: feline panleukopenia, feline viral rhinotracheitis, feline calicivirus, feline chlamydophilia, feline leukemia and rabies.


When it comes to eye disease, our animal hospital recommends cat owners to watch for red inner eyelids, excessive “eye boogers”, tear stained fur around eyes, excessive tearing, unusual discharges, a dull surface, cloudiness or a third eyelid. If a cat is diagnosed with an eye disease, our veterinarian will prescribe an ointment or eye drops and instruct the cat owner to clear any debris away before application.

For proper dental care, our animal hospital recommends chew toys, a proper diet and regular brushing.

Our recommendations for good ear care include watching for swelling, excessive scratching, excessive ear wax, loss of balance, discharge and bleeding, depression, irritability, over sensitivity and even an unpleasant odor. Our vet will provide ear drops or suggest further actions to take when you visit our animal hospital.


We understand that administering medicine to a feline can be tricky, but we have suggestions to make it easier for Richmond Heights and Willoughby Hills cat owners. To open a cat’s mouth, hold the cat by the top of the head and use the thumb and index finger to apply as little pressure as needed to squeeze the jaw open while tilting the head back. Our veterinarian recommends giving the medicine quickly and remaining relaxed through the administration.

For any questions or concerns about cat health care or for more tips, please contact our animal clinic. We provide care for cats in the surrounding communities of Beachwood, Willoughby Hills, Gates Mills, Lyndhurst, Richmond Heights, nearby Hillcrest neighborhoods, Eastlake, Kirtland, Mentor, Wickliffe, Euclid, Willowick, and all Lake County.


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