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Dogs and puppies can bring a lot of joy and love into an owner’s life, but they require the same kind of love and care in return. At Richman Animal Clinic, our expert and experienced veterinarians are dedicated to giving all dogs the best care by carefully examining their development and applying necessary treatments. In general, standard pet spay and neuter procedures are considered a positive treatment plan to keep pets happier, healthier and friendlier. Our animal clinic provides pet spay and neuter services for dogs in Richmond Heights, the nearby Hillcrest neighborhoods, Willoughby Hills, and Euclid communities. Spaying and neutering helps to reduce the risk of cancer in all dogs and prostate problems in male dogs.

Vaccinations for Dogs and Puppies

Our veterinarians will also examine dogs and puppies for diseases, infections, or other health issues. Our animal hospital staff will apply treatments and discuss pet vaccinations to prevent future diseases. We can provide pet vaccinations that work by strengthening the immune system against harmful diseases such as canine cough, canine influenza and dog flu.

Canine Eye, Oral and Ear Care

At our animal hospital, we are watchful for ear and eye issues. We also educate dog owners in Willoughby Hills and Richmond Heights on proper ear care and eye care. Dogs can be susceptible to painful and irritating eye problems due to allergies, corneal ulceration or general injuries. At our animal hospital, we offer specialized eye drops and eye ointment to help dogs heal from any infection or injury. Our animal clinic doctors and staff offer instructional demonstrations on how to administer these treatments to a dog at home. Additionally, we will provide instructions and demonstrations on how to give all kinds of medications to a dog after the dog leaves our animal hospital.

In regards to dental health, our vet can offer advice and demonstrate techniques on the best way to brush a dog’s teeth for Richmond Heights, Euclid, and Willoughby Hills dog owners.

Vetzlife Oral Care Spray


Ear care is another service we offer here at our animal clinic to keep your pet cleaner, healthier and sharper than ever. Ear diseases can be caused by allergies, bacterial infections, ear mites or accumulation of blood. These diseases can be treated through specialized services offered by our veterinarians, but they can also be prevented by regularly applying ear drops and ointments. 

Behavioral, Training, and General Dog Care Tips

A pet’s psycholVet offers care for Willoughby Hills dogsogical and behavioral health can be just as important as his or her physical health. The experts at our animal clinic can help with the training processes to ensure a dog maintains a friendly disposition around other people. Our veterinarian staff will also discuss some common household dangers and poisons (such as chocolate) that should be kept away from dogs to avoid an unwanted accident or injury.

Dog owners in or around the areas of  Euclid, Willoughby Hills, Richmond Heights, and Hillcrest  are welcome to contact us by phone or email. Owners are welcome to ask any questions or to get further information on general dog care and the veterinary services we provide.


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