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Many pet owners are just starting learn how critical pet dental care is to keeping their pets healthy. This is about more than just smelly breath: nearly 85% of pets over the age of four suffer from periodontal disease, which destroys the teeth and their supporting structures, causing intense pain and infection. The bacterial culprits can even travel through the bloodstream to damage a pet’s heart, liver, kidneys, lungs and even the nervous system!

At Richman Animal Clinic, our Richmond Heights veterinarian cleans the teeth of pets here and we also teach pet owners how to care for their pets’ dental health at home. Find us at:  26909 Chardon Rd, Richmond HeightsOH 44143

Periodontal Disease in Pets

Periodontal disease is what happens when the daily accumulation of plaque from bacteria, saliva and food particles are left to themselves on your pet’s teeth. Plaque buildup is easy to remove through daily brushing. Without brushing, however, plaque hardens into tartar and calculus, which attracts more bacteria, which attack the gums, causing them to get red, swollen and tender. This is gingivitis. As the bacteria multiply in the pockets where the gums are inflamed, they start to attack the inner structures of the teeth, causing them to fall out. It is very painful and even dangerous. Look into your pet’s mouth: do you see red, bleeding gums? Is it smelly? Are there loose teeth? Does your pet drool a lot, or have difficulty eating? If so, make an appointment with Richman Animal Clinic today.

Richman Animal Clinic Dental Services

At your pet’s first dental appointment with our veterinarian, we will run blood and radiography tests to evaluate your pet’s health before going forward with anesthesia. During every procedure, we continually monitor your pet for any problems. As the process continues, we thoroughly remove tartar buildup via ultrasonic and hand scaling. We then fill or remove teeth, depending on how deep the damage is. Very severe dental bone damage may need attention from a veterinary dental specialist.

Home Pet Dental Care Tips

Once your pet’s teeth are properly cleaned, our animal clinic team will show you how to care for them at home. It may take a few weeks of persistence to establish a daily dental hygiene routine with your pet, but her health is worth it! Start by dipping your finger in some tasty broth and letting your pet lick it while you rub it on her gums. Once she is used to the idea of you sticking your fingers in her mouth, you can move up to using a dog or cat toothbrush with toothpaste especially formulated for pets. Do not use human toothpaste! Our veterinarian can also suggest water bowl additives, special sprays and treats that help keep your pet’s teeth cleaner.

Pets need a veterinary dental check up every 6 to 18 months. If your pet has never had one, and you are looking for a veterinarian offering dental care in Richmond Heights and Willoughby Hills areas, please call us at 440-585-3600 to schedule this important appointment for your pet’s overall health!



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