“My husband Jeff and I used to bring our pets to your clinic. We always had a great time when we were there. Our son Eric wanted to be a veterinarian since he was a small child. He always paid close attention to everything you did. You were so kind to him, explaining everything you were doing to our pets. I just wanted to thank you for the great influence you were in his life. The following comes off the webpage of the Veterinary Clinic he works at.”  – Diana A.

Eric_Michael_Allie_DVM - Bright

“We adopted a puppy and picked Dr Richman’s clinic from the list of vet’s provided to us. Boy are we glad we chose him. Our puppy was found to have kennel cough AND pneumonia. Apparently, we found out that she was not long for this world according to Dr. Richman. But, once she had a loving family and a great vet she was nursed back to health in a matter of a month. We now have a wonderful healthy puppy thanks to Dr. Richman and his staff. In my past years of owning pets, I have never had a vet do the following as Dr. Richman had done. While nursing the dog back to health the Dr. WANTED us to call his voice-mail service and leave messages with the status of the dog. He even CALLED us on a number of Sunday’s in response to our voice-mails to answer our questions/check status of the dog. Truly Dr Richman and his staff is a friend to all animals. My family and I cannot say enough great things about the passion and care the staff at his clinic provides.” Jim H.

“Dr Richman helped my daughter and her dog in a difficult situation last month. His receptionist was able to get them in the same day and Dr Richman and his nurses were able to diagnose the problem and start treatment for Barney the same day. We all appreciated the prompt and honest assessment of the problem and we’re glad to say that things are much better after some touch and go for awhile . Dr Richman was able to treat Barney mainly at home which was much better for my daughter and by extension the rest of the family. She had to return to Dr Richman’s clinic a number of times for re-evaluations but as Barney felt better so did all of us. Dr Richman was understanding and we think truly likes Barney and communicated well and sympathetically to my daughter. For this we are all thankful. He is a good Vet and a friend to animals.”  Jack R.

“They go above and beyond to help you and your pet. They were so kind and helpful when my himalayan was sick and dying from kidney failure. They take the time to explain things to you, unlike other vets I’ve been to. They would get me in even if it was last minute, and Dr. Richman and his staff were so kind when he passed. I can’t wait to take my new kitten there!”  Michelle B.

“Dr. Richman is the best vet by far. I’ve been taking my dogs here for a few years now. Amazing staff, very professional, and always honest. The clinic is very clean and odor-free. Dr. Richman spends time with my dogs in the exam room and doesn’t take them “in the back” like my previous vet. He always has time to answer my questions. I am also signed up for newsletters from Richman Animal Clinic that come in my email every month.” Beatrice B.

“Dr. Richman was so wonderful with my Maggie. Was scheduled and seen within a day. Maggie had 6-7 laser treatments. With the treatment and new meds, Maggie fortunately is pretty much back to her old self!”    Wendy H.

“I couldn’t be more pleased with Dr.Richman and the entire staff at Richman Animal Clinic. You are greeted with smiles and very friendly girls who work the front desk. Their phone etiquette is superior to any other place I’ve ever called. They handle my questions, scheduling, etc with care, concern and kindness. I am impressed with how well they all work together.  Dr. Richman takes his time with you and your pet. During my first visit, he spent a lot of time giving me information to help me get started on the right foot with my new puppy. You can tell that Dr. Richman is a “on top of things” type of guy. He remembers what you tell him, when you called the office last and is so very friendly and informative. The guy truly loves his job and this is evident. I was shocked when they called me a few days after my visit to ask me how my dog was doing. I am blessed to have found such a great vet and place for my doggy.”  – M.F.

 “Dr Richman has been taking care of my dogs for about two years now. I am very satisfied with the care my guys get and with the way Dr Richman does things. It’s really a pleasure to see someone who really enjoys his work and who’s main concern is not the dollar but the pets. That is important to me and it should be to every pet owner especially compared to some of the Vets around this area. I have recommended Dr Richman to my friends and family and to any pet owner that wants great care and a little humor during the visits.”  – Gabe A.

“Can’t say enough about this vet. Dr. Richman is top notch, such a professional and has a hell of a personality. He is an Ohio State grad and runs a business like no other. He’s honest and caring, what else can you ask from your vet, right? I have (2) dogs and he adores them. I used to bring the dogs to the “in-store vets” but after a bout with kennel cough and high $$$ vet bills, we finally decided to give Dr. Richman a chance. Have not looked back since.”  – Jeff T.

“We moved 30 minutes away and I still take my sweet dog to see Dr. Richman despite several nearby clinics…the staff is WONDERFUL! Can’t say enough great things about them all!”  – Melissa G.

“Dr. Richman is “THE best”! He’s humorous, honest and engaging! I bought a shihpoo as my first dog as an adult and I was literally clueless! From shampoos, to shots, to housebreaking to feeding. . . he added to the knowledge that I’d read in books and corrected me when the information didn’t apply. The staff is friendly, the facility is VERY clean and I truly believe I’ve taken my furbaby  to a great provider!”  – Felicia A.

 “If you are looking for a vet who treats your pet as if it were his own then you have found Dr. Jeffery Richman. We drive from Parma to Richmond Hts. because we believe in him. And we are only 2 blocks away from one vet and 7 blocks from another vet. Our golden retriever Giuseppe was diagnosed with arthritis and hip dysplasia and could barely walk. He toddled. We knew his time was running out after 11 years but wanted to try and make his last days more comfortable. So we sought out Dr. Richman and his laser treatment. Every time Giuseppe was treated he was able to walk more and not toddle. He loved being cradled in the arms of a staff member while Dr. Richman treated him. I can not say enough good things about Dr. Richman. He is kind, gentle, knowledgeable, empathetic,caring and completely honest with you regarding what he can or can not do for your pet. I can go on and on with the accolades but you need to experience his goodness for yourself. He is truly God’s gift to the animals. I wish I would have found him sooner. This is one first class operation!!!”  Marie R.

 “Dr Richman really helped us with our dog last month. He treated Tonto for a chronic lameness problem which was misdiagnosed at two other animal hospitals nearby. A frien nfrom Ohio State’s Veterinary School told me to check out Dr Richman & she was right. He is honest and straight forward. And best of all – Tonto is feeling a lot better.”  – Megan S.

 “When I moved, I was looking for a place close by to take my 2 cats. Fortunately, my brother in law recommended Dr. Richman, who had been treating his pets for years. Dr. Richman is a meticulous, detail-oriented individual who the animal’s best interests at heart. He is exacting about care, both from his staff and the owners of the pets. He always asks owners about the day-to-day details like feeding, grooming, etc, and recommends changes he thinks are necessary. Everything at the clinic is not only cu tting-edge, but scrupulously clean. I give this clinic the highest recommendation.”  – C.K.

“There is no other option. You HAVE to take your pet to Dr. Richman. I had been seeing a different vet, and when I was unhappy with him, I asked around heard good things about this place. The first time I visited, I called for an emergency office visit. Never meeting me before, his staff got me in not only same day, but in about 20 minutes! They were booked solid, but squeezed me in because my dog was in such misery. I got there and fell in love. Everyone was so nice, the place was spotless. They were so kind to my dog and to me. He did things for my dog that our old vet NEVER did in the four years we saw him. His whole staff was truly concerned about my dog, and he did everything to make me feel better about the way I was treating my dog for her condition. My dog is so much happier since we started seeing Dr. Richman. Go there once and you’ll be hooked for life. Promise!”  — Melissa Z.

“Dr Richman has been our Vet for a few years and has become a friend as well. He does a great job with our pets and the pets of our friends and relatives that we have referred to him. He has healed our dogs and cats when they have been very sick more times than I can remember.  He always tries to keep things light when circumstances permit. The staff is very good at their jobs and his receptionist is outstanding. She has squeezed us in many times for our convenience. The equipment here is up to date and I know he has this amazing laser that is used a lot. I think Dr Richman was on TV a few times with the laser. He was the first and only Vet to ever call me at night when my pets have had surgery. And now he has his tech text updates after surgery with pictures to set the owner’s minds at ease. But maybe the best part of this clinic is the cleanliness. I have never seen an animal clinic so clean. No matter when our visits – early, late, Saturday morning , whenever the place is spotless and never smells. I know he has Vet students from Ohio State’s Vet School during the summer to watch and learn. I like that, they are all nice and really smart and seem to enjoy their time with Dr Richman. His prices are fair and the service he gives far outpaces the costs. I give this Vet and his staff my highest recommendation.”  — William T.

“I met Dr Richmond for the first time last week. I needed a new vet for my Precious. Her last vet didn’t like us. My baby has lot of problems that were never taken care of. This vet told me what was wrong and how to fix her problems. He did some blood tests and called the next day. We have some surgeries set up next week to get her fixed and make her teeth clean again. He wasn’t expensive compared to the last place and this Dr treated us real nice just like I wanted. His nurse took a picture of my Precious and I just saw it on Facebook for this animal hospital. I am happy with how they treated me and my dog. I give them 5 stars.” Ms. Tremayne

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